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Community Involvement



Committed to community engagement and supporting the local pharmacy community.


SPR has ongoing partnerships with powerful industry associations including:


South Puget Sound Pharmacy Association

Washington State Pharmacy Association

Association of NW Pharmacies


Our team has served in leadership roles and as financial contributors for these major pharmacy organizations serving the Pacific Northwest.

SPR is also a preferred pharmacy provider and the provider of choice for most retail and long-term care pharmacies in the state.


SPR's owner, Howard Crabtree, currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Washington State Pharmacy Association, and  serves as the Chairman of the Legislative Committee. He has also served as the Vice Chair of the Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Council, serves as an active fundraiser and contributor for the organization. Howard currently serves on the Board of Directors for the South Puget Sound Pharmacy Association, and is a regular attendee at Washington State Pharmacy Commission meetings, where regulations, laws, and other standards of practice are established.

Ongoing engagement with the local pharmacy community helps SPR better understand the needs of local pharmacies and thus enables us to serve you in a way that national organizations, who are removed from the local economy and regulatory environment, cannot.


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