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A subcontractor is a self-employed individual working on behalf of a company. You are responsible for your own self-employment taxes and are legally self-employed, which can pose challenges in renting apartments, getting loans, and other situations. An employee is on a company's payroll, and is not self-employed; you're employed by Seattle Pharmacy Relief, PLLC. Some temporary agencies inappropriately categorize temporary workers as subcontractors, but SPR always categorizes staff appropriately - as employees.

What is the difference between a subcontractor and an employee and why does it matter?

A Pharmacist! Nearly all calls are answered almost immediately by a career Pharmacist with real, behind-the-counter experience, so he understands exactly what your pharmacy's needs are and what solutions are appropriate.

Who answers the phone when I call SPR?

Before temporary staff from SPR ever enters your pharmacy, our owner, a trained Pharmacist, performs a behind-the-counter visit to your pharmacy. He seeks to understand your procedures and systems, and creates a manual for any temporary staff that is sent to work at your pharmacy, so that they are educated and up-to-speed on your business before they even walk through the door.

I'm worried that temporary staff won't get my pharmacy and systems. How does SPR deal with that?

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